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  • Large Enterprise Solutions

    High performance, Versatile, and Stability.

    Enterprise Solutions

    Enterprise Solutions provide a platform for a scalable, easy-to-manage distributed solution, enabling business management and information accessibility for internal and external clients and staff. Enterprise solutions dealing with operation of providing information to user base, heavily rely on system development and performance of database. The main problem lies on the most efficient method to get your data across to those we want to access it. The solution have the following characteristics:-

    Security - Protection against data and information from being tampered and stolen by unauthorised users. Scalability - Should be able to accomodate an increase of users. Cost - It should be cost-effective. Management - Ability to manage the system and configure to fit into company business rules. Portable - Be able to accomodate changes in technolgy environment.

    Therefore, a proper requirements definition is a MUST, in order for a business to make a wise choice on an enterprise solutions. All desired system features must be addressed, along with priorities for each features, in order to propose a suitable solutions. We will send our professionals to assist you in brain-storming during user requirement gathering to understand your business and deliver a comprehensive solution to your business.

  • Web Application Development

    Web Design, Web Application Development, Web Hosting, Domain Name Registration, Email Hosting Setup

    Web Application Development

    With years of experience in latest Microsoft framework, we deliver interactive and user-friendly web solutions. We help our clients to create a web presence to improve further on their businesses.

    Ever since Rich Internet Application (RIA) has been gradually becoming mainstream, we too developed and customized Silverlight application to suit our clients, promote visitor interactivity.*

    For more information about Microsoft Silverlight, please visits: What is Silverlight?

  • Outsourcing Programs

    Server Maintenance, System Support Maintenance

    Outsourcing Programs

    Nothing is more important than ensuring stable and uninterrupted work of an information system, data integrity and security. Therefore, it is substantially depends on timely and professional maintenance works of servers and software.

    We offered professional services in monitoring and conduct maintenance of servers :-
    Analysis of hardware requirements and configuration optimization of the server; we have experience with wide range of hardware suppliers and we always up-to-date with their current technologies. Data replication Setting up failover and cluster configurations for mission-critical services Security audits and implementation of security policies. Routine servicing of server room, including server health check and monitoring, planned maintenance, and quick response to server downtime.

    Each maintenance contract provides for :- Early diagnostics. After years of experience in system maintenance and upkeep, we can easily identify problems at an earlier stage and fix them before they become critical. We have panels of expert. If necessary, we will send qualified specialists from different fields to attend to your problem. This approach strenghten our ability to resolve wide range of solvable issues and ensures fast response times and high professional standards in maintenance work.

  • Cloud Implementation

    Highly Recommended Microsoft Azure

    Cloud Implementation

    Cloud Computing is the Next Big Thing!

    Cloud computing allows resource demanding processing to be computed across a large groups of servers. For Small and Medium Businesses (SME), Cloud Computing benefiting them as it eliminate the need of time and financial resources to purchase, deploy and maintaining expensive IT infrastructure. Cloud Computing allows them to scale their resource needed based according to their needs, thus providing economical solution for every business.

    We implement, manage and provide consulting based on your usage, therefore you only pay for what you needed. We have successfully implemented Cloud Computing on a few clients, including BonusKad Loyalty Sdn Bhd, Malaysia.

    Microsoft Azure